The number of votes cast abroad disproves Hungarian government’s propaganda

Even though eligible voters living abroad still have three weeks to register at Hungary’s foreign missions, the number of Hungarian citizens wishing to cast their ballots abroad for the May 26 EP elections is already as high as it was on the last day of registration in 2014. According to the online data of the Hungary’s National Election Office, 7447 citizens are planning to vote abroad; most of them have been registered in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

While the pro-government media keeps blaring such propaganda messages as “Emigration from our homeland has stopped” and “Hungarians are coming home from abroad”, the reality is quite the opposite: last year more Hungarian children were born in Germany alone than in the entire Nógrád country of Hungary. Although we can only estimate the actual extent of the brain and hand drain, we do know that nearly one million people are currently seeking prosperity away from their homeland and hundreds of thousands more are planning to emigrate.

Jobbik’s EP programme offers a comprehensive solution package to reform the EU’s funding policies, to reduce the wage gap between the western and the eastern member states as well as to sanction the misuse of EU monies. On May 26, let’s vote for a fairer Europe with more solidarity; let’s vote for a freer and more liveable Hungary!


MP János Bencsik, Chairman of Jobbik’s National Policy Cabinet