The government’s dishonesty costs us HUF 700 billion

We were astounded to read ex-MEP Benedek Jávor’s calculations which show that Hungary may have lost much more money than we originally thought. What happened was that the Hungarian government didn’t even try to account for a significant share of the funds coming to our country. In lack of proper accounts, the government decided to use its own, i.e., the Hungarian taxpayers’ money to finance certain projects that otherwise would have been funded by the European Union. In other words, Hungary’s government admitted its theft and now makes our people pay the cost of its actions, HUF 700 billion.

The Fidesz government does this at a time when the European Union is more and more likely to withhold certain monies due to the cabinet’s corrupt dealings and its elimination of the rule of law, which may have dire consequences for our country since we are dependent on the EU funds. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be too high a price for Fidesz and its oligarchs as long as they can keep tapping into the funds allocated to the people of Hungary.

If employees can’t account for the money entrusted to them by their company, they end up in court. That’s exactly what the Hungarian government is doing: it cannot account for the money to the European Union and the people of Hungary. That’s why Jobbik has always been supporting Hungary’s joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, which could control the use of the EU funds.

We now call on the Fidesz government to stop gambling with the Hungarian people’s money, restore the rule of law, stop cynically assisting those who tap into our funds and hold them to account instead! 


MEP Márton Gyöngyösi, executive vice president, Jobbik