The European Union is sick

In Jobbik's view, the Greek referendum has clearly shown that the European Union is sick since it can cope with neither illegal immigration nor the financial crisis.

"Jobbik welcomes the outcome of the Greek referendum held last weekend, especially the fact that the result was contrary to the expectations suggested by the media, which had been implying that yes and no votes were running neck-to-neck" said Márton Gyöngyösi in his press conference on Monday. The politician expressed his view that Greek voters gave a big slap in the face to the media and Western propaganda by firmly rejecting the blackmail attempts of creditors and the institutions controlled by the underlying financial powers. 

"Last weekend the Greek nation decided to take a hard and winding road by rejecting the failed neoliberal economic policy, the same one that we know all so well from previous years as we got quite enough of it, too," Gyöngyösi added, who believes this policy tries to hammer into people's heads that austerity measures, the privatisation of national assets, liberalization and the decentralization of state administration can save a country. 

"We know very well that the current crisis is partly caused by Greece's economic conduct and their political elite, but the neoliberal economic concept, which was forced on the country by international creditors, is also greatly responsible for this situation.

The current crisis and the Greek referendum have also shown that the European Union is sick as it is unable to cope with the two most acute problems: illegal immigration and the financial-economic crisis. "They have no response to these challenges" he said.

Greeks want no imperial structures, they wish to walk their own path instead. Jobbik had made a very similar proposal earlier: we should ask the people of Hungary and Europe as to what kind of future they want for the European Union. Do they want to live in a centralized federal structure built upon imperial logic or in the Europe of Nations where people can decide about their own fate? That is why we suggested it was high time for the Hungarian people to review their experience in relation with EU membership so that union treaties could be amended.

Jobbik believes the Greek referendum is a clear indication that the EU should abandon its collision course and reconsider the structure of the European Union before the United Kingdom quits, and return to the path laid down for this community by the founding fathers, which leads to the Europe of Nations instead of a dictatorial empire.


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