The European People’s Party got rid of Europe’s spies!

The European People’s Party got rid of Europe’s spies!

Orbán left Europe’s largest party family today, but make no mistake, his ultimate goal is to leave not just the EPP but the European Union, too.

Whether Fidesz left the European People’s Party or prevented an embarrassing expulsion is just a minor detail. Orbán was already put in his place earlier, his party has been suspended for months. This blackmailer pocket-Putin has not been taken seriously for years – but they’ve been reluctant to engage him in an open conflict. Until now.

It’s clear as day that Orbán’s party, which has been hijacking EU funds on an industrial scale while campaigning against Brussels and using mob methods to hold Hungary captive, had no place in a political community consisting of democratic parties.

The Trojan horse of the eastern dictatorships was left alone today – he was let go. Orbán went down the gutter together with József Szájer. They’ve been running the gauntlet for a while and their suffering has come to an end today. Their ability to enforce Hungary’s interests will converge to zero from now on.

Of course, the sulky Orbán will not stop here: although he just left the EPP today, he will certainly want to leave the EU tomorrow, and he wants to drag all Hungarian citizens into this dark, deep abyss with him.

Jobbik, the real people’s party of Hungary will not allow this to happen – together with Hungarian voters, we must put an end to this insanity in 2022 at the latest!

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary, the Hungarian People’s Party