The Citizens’ Committee of the Initiative for a European Wage Union concludes its work

Press release of the Citizens' Committee of the Initiative for a Wage Union:


On March 14, 2017, the European Citizens’ Initiative for a Wage Union was launched in order to raise awareness of the grave gap between the economic status and living standards of certain EU Member States. The formal requirement for the initiative was to collect statements of support from one million EU citizens so that we could turn to the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Although we could gather no more than 550 thousand signatures in the assigned one-year period, we evaluate our initiative as a success for several reasons. We have been able to win many supporters for our concept across Europe and made the principle of “equal pay for equal work!” a part of the EU’s public discourse. We believe the greatest achievement of our initiative lies in the fact that the citizens’ consultation launched by the European Commission has considered the objective we identified as a potential new core principle for the European Union. 

As of today, the Citizens’ Committee of the Initiative for a European Wage Union officially concludes its work and we destroy all the collected personal data and signed statement of support forms in line with the effective legal regulations. We are grateful for the support of all those who helped us by their signatures, professional work and advice.

As influencers of the public discourse, we would like to continue our struggle for a fairer, safer and more predictable European Union. We are greatly encouraged by the fact that more and more people recognize the need for urgent reforms. Our goal is to seek real answers and solutions for the issues and problems of European people rather than let populist politicians conduct fake debates. To that end, we are asking all citizens to fill out the European Commission’s consultation forms and support political and public figures advocating the principle of “equal pay for equal work”.

Let us build a European Union with more solidarity, fairness and predictability!


Budapest, September 28, 2018