The Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians must clear itself from the suspicion of election fraud!

Jobbik has learnt the hard way that Fidesz refrains from nothing to avoid being held to account and to make sure that its authoritarian power is secured for decades to come. They are willing to do anything to win the elections and they don’t even shy away from election fraud. That’s why we have raised concerns that voting via letter by citizens with no residency in Hungary allows for various opportunities to abuse the election system. According to media reports, many Hungarian citizens were unlawfully registered in Transylvania while Transcarpathian Hungarians are transported by bus in large groups to the consulates to cast their ballots. Now our concerns seem to be justified in Vojvodina as well.

Vojvodina’s Délhír Hungarian news portal published a shocking report on how the activists of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (VMSZ), an organization reduced to a local branch office of Fidesz, open the letters entrusted in their care and even go as far as to harass citizens by phone if their X is not under the Fidesz logo. In another case, a citizen who did not vote for the governing party was asked not to seal his letter. Suspicions were also raised that the personal data of eligible Hungarian voters had been obtained illegally. No wonder that Jobbik and other Vojvodina Hungarian parties have warned local citizens not to entrust their votes in VMSZ’ care. Talking at a political rally in Hajdújárás, VMSZ officials suggested that the organization’s activists could “help citizens to fill in their ballots correctly”.

In the meantime, even though the National Election Office prints ballots with exact serial numbers and strict accountability, some VMSZ activists still seem to have been able to get hold of unmarked ballots, according to media sources. This information is in line with the content of an article published by “Free Hungarian Word” portal, which claims that 100 dinars (cca EUR 0,80) are paid for unmarked ballots in Zenta (Senta), Serbia.

Jobbik stands for fair and honest elections and we keep an eye on the activities conducted by Fidesz and its allies. If the cases reported in the media really happened or can happen, they raise a reasonable suspicion of election fraud. Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary calls upon the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians to clear themselves from the suspicion of abuse!


MP István Szávay, Chairman of Jobbik’s National Policy Cabinet