That’s the way to do it

Just a few years ago we would hardly have thought that the most interesting and perhaps the most forward-looking statement on this sad anniversary would come from Bratislava rather than Budapest. That’s exactly what happened, though. It’s interesting to compare Fidesz, which keeps trying to instigate antagonism even on the anniversary of the Trianon peace dictate and attempts to excommunicate the opposition from the nation, with Slovakian Prime Minister Igor Matovič who made a historic speech to call for a reconciliation and respect for Hungarian people.

What did PM Matovič talk about after he greeted the participants of the commemoration in Hungarian? He talked about how Hungarians and Slovaks had a common history in the Hungarian Kingdom. He also said we could not take a step forward unless we eliminate corruption, respect each other and build our countries together rather than at each other’s expense. He said the reason why Hungarians living in the neighbouring countries should be taught the state language is not to make them forget their own but to provide them with that much more opportunity. Prime Minister Matovič talked about a Central Europe where all nationalities, Hungarians, Slovaks, and others can have a good life, too.

Of course, this is just the beginning of a long and winding road but it’s good to see that the Slovakian premier had the courage to set out on it. If only he can keep going on it...

I’m also proud how his words validated Jobbik’s policies: what have we been saying for so many years? We said we must combat corruption. Nothing kills creativity, the desire for freedom and the wish to stay in your homeland more than if you see that the only way to get ahead in life is through political connections and loyalty to the party line instead of merits. We also said that the rights of ethnic Hungarians should be respected and they should be treated as equal partners rather than a subdued nation. They should be given autonomy! Just as we, Jobbik politicians have said so many times: Central European nations cannot grow at each other’s expense. They can only grow together by allowing everyone to feel good in their homeland. In addition to their rights, people must be given a safe livelihood and honest pay. That’s why we launched the Wage Union Initiative, setting aside all of our national and political grievances.

Just like Fidesz spared no effort to undermine our initiative, they are now undermining all reasonable initiatives because the Orbán regime, even on the 100th anniversary of the Trianon treaty, is busy silencing the opposition and insulting everyone who disagrees with them. I regret to say that the Slovakian PM seems to have a better understanding of what we lost when Central Europe and Hungary were cut into pieces in Trianon Palace than Comrade Kövér and his Fidesz pals.

Everyone can decide how they want to relate to the tragedy of Trianon. You may try again and take a step towards the others so that we could have a better century than the previous one, or you can use the pain for cheap political gains and deepening the wounds. It’s a shame that the Romanian and the Fidesz elite chose the latter. What I hope is that their political maneuvering will soon be nothing but a bad memory and I also hope that the previous Slovakian policy, which PM Igor Matovič has so courageously rejected, will fade out as a bad memory as well.

Ďakujeme – Köszönjük - Thank you.


Published on Márton Gyöngyösi's Facebook-page.