Tamás Sneider questions the Hungarian government about Szekler autonomy

Jobbik's vice president submitted a written question to the Government: "What is the Government's short- and long-term action plan to prevent Szeklers from being deprived of their rights in their own homeland?" Let me point out that ever since its foundation, Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary has been a dedicated and consistent supporter of the cause of our Hungarian brothers and sisters separated from us by the prison walls pulled up by the Trianon Treaty. Just as we did in the past, we will continue to support any measures aiming to help ethnic Hungarian communities to prosper and enforce their rights.

Demonstrations in several towns

Our local correspondent reports that there were only 2-300 protesters as the Romanian authorities banned the event. However, the town of Sepsiszentgyörgy saw a demonstration of around 2000 people. Talking to the Hungarian News Agency, Zoltán Gazda, the chairman of the Szekler Council of the Sepsiszék region and the chief coordinator of the demonstration at the Turul Monument said that the 2000 protesters marched from the scene of the commemoration (the Turul monument inaugurated last year) to the local prefecture office of the government, where there was nobody to take over their petition even though the organizers had indicated their arrival in advance. Addressed to the Government and the Parliament of Romania as well as President Klaus Iohannis, the petition points out that Szekler autonomy violates neither the territorial integrity of Romania, nor the interests of the local Romanian community. Instead, it simply assigns a significant part of public affairs to the elected bodies of the community. "However, if Bucharest, contrary to the clear intentions of the historical community living here, decides to integrate Szeklerland into a larger administrative unit instead of recognizing it as a standalone region, it will mean that Romania fails to meet several international commitments already made." says the petition.

We want autonomy Western European style!

Jobbik is glad to see the increasing number of people supporting Szekler autonomy efforts, and demands a Western European type autonomy said  Jobbik MP Gergely Kulcsár and Gábor Pál, the chief communications officer of the patriotic party.

Source: alfahir.hu