Tamás Sneider elected as Jobbik's new president, Márton Gyöngyösi becomes executive vice-president

On Saturday, Jobbik held a national congress to choose from the two candidates for the presidential and the executive vice presidential seats. The vote resulted in Tamás Sneider becoming the president of the party. His challenger for the seat was Mayor of Ásotthalom László Toroczkai.

Jobbik’s spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki informed the media that both candidates held a 12-minute speech which were preceded by leaving president Gábor Vona’s evaluation of his two-year presidential term.

MP Márton Gyöngyösi and Dóra Dúró ran for executive vice president. After the presidential election however, the party’s Statutes only allowed Márton Gyöngyösi to deliver his campaign speech as he was the running mate of president-elect Tamás Sneider. The members of the congress eventually elected Mr Gyöngyösi as the new executive vice president (with 82.7 per cent of the votes), who will also head the party’s faction in Parliament.

Six MPs: Tibor Bana, János Stummer, Lorántné Hegedűs, Dániel Z. Kárpát, Dr István Apáti and János Volner were elected as Jobbik’s vice presidents. Party director Gábor Szabó was voted as the chairman of the national assembly with a 91.9 per cent majority.

After spokesman Péter Jakab’s introduction of the new board in a press conference, the newly-elected president commented on the events of the past two months. Mr Sneider emphasized that he was going to focus on the elimination of the operative errors and deficiencies that had been revealed by the recent events. Wishing a lot of success for the new board, he noted that the elected vice presidents were going to have an important role in developing the strategy for next year’s EP and municipal elections.