Tamás Sneider decides not to run for Jobbik president

Tamás Sneider is not going to run for a second term as Jobbik’s president, the party’s current leader announced in his Thursday press conference. Mr Sneider is not running for other positions in the party either. Instead, he intends to focus on his professional work as a Member of Parliament. This means that Péter Jakab is the only presidential candidate at the moment. Jobbik’s congress is going to elect its new officials on 9 November.

Mr Sneider told the press that he considered Mr Jakab as a suitable person for president, and had the same opinion about the prospective board members nominated by Mr Jakab in his presidential candidate manifesto on Thursday.

Jobbik’s congress will be held in November to keep an earlier promise as the current board’s term is for two years, according to the party’s by-laws. As Mr Sneider put it, Jobbik has gone through its most difficult 18 months so far but they managed to double their votes in the sense that the party’s candidates achieved an average of 11 per cent in the electorates where they ran on their own. According to the president, Hungary’s opposition parties have never had such a huge victory as on 13 October when they could “crack the wall of a corrupt regime”, adding some more stability to our democracy and preventing any further damage to the rule of law.

Although Jobbik has improved a lot in the past five months, it’s a fact that they still have many difficult challenges ahead, Mr Sneider noted. The challenges include paying back the fine of HUF hundreds of millions unlawfully imposed by the State Audit Office or the need for the party’s “complete structural renewal”. He expressed his view that the party was consolidated and set on a rising course over the past eighteen months even though he had to take over the presidency in the most difficult period after the national elections. Explaining why he decided not to run for Jobbik president for a second term, Mr Sneider said his ultimate goal was to create a socially sensitive state in Hungary and this work was going to involve a lot of professional tasks on his part. 

Talking about Jobbik’s future, the outgoing president told the press that he, in consensus with the party’s members, wanted to see a socially sensitive people’s party which can fight for bringing down the corrupt and harmful Orbán regime while also representing a consistently patriotic and conservative character in terms of the political cooperation with other organizations.


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