Szilárd Németh inadvertently debunks myth of utility fee cuts

In Jobbik’s view, Fidesz fist Szilárd Németh yet again echoed the dark Bolshevik times when he threatened E-ON energy supplier in the Counter Terrorism Centre that if the company sells gas at a lower price than the national gas supplier, it will be considered as an interference with the upcoming Parliamentary elections.

Significantly underbidding the state-reduced natural gas prices, E.ON Hungaria offered a cut of HUF 13 thousand per year, i.e., over a thousand per month. Not only was the angry rant of the governing party’s vice president embarrassing, he inadvertently debunked Fidesz’ myth of utility fee cuts, too. What the corrupt Fidesz cares for is not the interest of the people but its own enrichment. The utility fee cuts were just another ploy to mislead Hungarian citizens as the reality and market data show a very different picture from what Fidesz’ propaganda says. That’s why Szilárd Németh is so angry now. In recent years, other European states have seen gas prices cut at a much larger rate than in Hungary. The challenger for the government says Szilárd should hold his horses and give up his dishonest, arrogant and aggressive politics.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary