Szávay: "I will not respect an anti-Hungarian law"

Jobbik MP István Szávay held a press conference in his representative office in Dunaszerdahely (Dunajská Streda) on Wednesday.

Szijjártó vs. Semjén

„I never expected this much hysteria and disowning contest of politicians following the opening of my office," Szávay commented on the "anti-office" law passed by the Slovakian Parliament on November 12, based on which, political parties may expect a fine of 600 to 3500 euros, if they were not established according to the Slovakian election act and operate an office in the territory of Slovakia, explains news portal.

Jobbik's vice president expressed his dissatisfaction with the Hungarian government's failure to file a complaint about this amendment of Slovakian law which, in his view, has an anti-Hungarian objective. The MP explained that he had asked Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó – who had called the opening of the office a provocation – to review his position. On the other hand, he also expressed his contentment about the fact that Zsolt Semjén, when addressing the Hungarian Permanent Conference, called the Slovakian and Serbian authority procedures against his offices infringements of rights.

What goes on in the office?

The politician also evaluated the two-month activity of his representative office. There aren't many visitors to the office but he says it is quite usual as people don't visit such places in high numbers in Hungary, either. Szávay highlighted three matters they had been trying to solve. "A gentleman and a lady contacted us about the matter of war orphans' and war widows' pensions being tied to Hungarian citizenship," Szávay said, adding that they raised the issue of amending the law accordingly in the Hungarian Parliament but they did not succeed.

The MP also talked about a Slovakian civil rights organization having contacted them in order to initiate a cooperation with Jobbik's politicians. Szávay would not give details about the forming relationship and neither was he willing to name the particular Slovakian organization in question.

The third matter they have been aiming to solve is that tickets for the Hungarian matches in EURO 2016, the continent's football championship, are only available for individuals with a Hungarian citizenship or a permanent residence in Hungary. Szávay explained that the problem was pointed out to him by a DAC fan, and the party now urges the Hungarian government to take measures in the case.

In response to Paraméter, Szávay repeated his statement he made three weeks before: he would not close his office and if he gets a fine based on the regulations amended as of 15th December, he refuses to pay it. As he put it, he was ready to turn to international forums in this matter if need be, and he was already looking for a Hungarian lawyer in Slovakia who would represent his case.

"I will no way respect an anti-Hungarian law that Slovakia passed in order to restrict and intimidate the country's own population," István Szávay responded to a question by Joj Television, adding that “we are not at a Híd-Most rally where you need to send your questions in writing in advance, so I will answer everybody's questions, including yourself.”

"No matter how they amended the law, it does not apply to this office. It is not the office of a political party, it is my representative office as an MP. I could hold a Bible-reading meeting or moderate discussions of natural healers in this office, too, the government has nothing to do with it. I am an EU citizen, I rented an office and I can do whatever I want here as long as I comply with the legal regulations. And I do comply with all legal regulations, indeed," the MP told Paraméter.


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