Summary of Koloman Brenner's press conference

Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Koloman Brenner called for the Committee’s extraordinary meeting so that the MPs could hear Foreign Affairs Minister Péter Szíjjártó with regard to the Belarus situation.

The people’s party Jobbik has also released a draft resolution in which the Foreign Affairs Committee, on behalf of the Hungarian Parliament, urges the government to immediately call for the freedom and independence of the Belarusian people as well as for a repeated election under democratic conditions.

This is particularly important for Jobbik as our Declaration of Principles is a manifesto of a Christian social party that focuses on such fundamental civil democratic values as welfare and freedom. This freedom can never be achieved unless the leaders of the country are chosen in honest and fair elections that are free of any violence or fraud.

We are deeply concerned that the Fidesz-led Hungarian government has thus far failed to express its opinion on this matter. In fact, some media sources suggested that Hungary might veto the EU’s sanctions against Lukashenko.

As a pro-Euro-Atlantic party, Jobbik clearly stands for balanced relations, but the Fidesz government has recently developed closer and closer ties with such authoritarian states as Russia, Turkey or China. We believe that Hungarian foreign affairs policy has seriously been knocked out of balance and needs an urgent correction.

Talking about the upcoming video conference of the European Council members, Koloman Brenner also called on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to support the initiatives to solve the Belarus situation, including a repeated election that respects the EU’s core values, such as the freedom of the press and fundamental civil rights.


On behalf of Jobbik the Hungarian People’s Party, Mr Brenner expressed his solidarity with the Belarusian protesters who were subjected to the violence of the Lukashenko regime.