Statement by Jobbik’s EP Delegation concerning the vote on the “situation in Hungary”

EP Groups have submitted two motions regarding the “situation in Hungary”. The first one was jointly signed by the four leftist-liberal groups while the other was backed by the European People’s Party (EPP), i.e., Fidesz’ political family. Jobbik’s MEPs considered both motions to be unacceptable as they attacked Hungary’s migration policy based on liberal dogmas.

The four-party resolution was eventually adopted by a significant majority in the Parliament (393 votes to 221 with 64 abstentions). The resolution calls for launching a procedure of Article 7 of the Treaty on the European Union. The procedure may eventually lead to substantial sanctions against Hungary, including a potential suspension of the country’s voting rights in the European Council. This process, which is also referred to as the “nuclear weapon of sanctions”, would be first employed against Hungary in the history of the EU.

All the three representatives of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary rejected the motion in general and we of course voted against launching Article 7 in particular, too.

Submitted by the People’s Party, the other motion was more moderate in terms of style and partly in terms of content as well. However, the EPP nonetheless criticized the border protection legislation adopted by the Hungarian Parliament (and backed by Jobbik as well) and discussed – albeit conditionally – the launching the procedure of Article 7 in the future. Since the leftist-liberal motion had already been passed, the second motion was not put up for vote.


On behalf of Jobbik’s EP delegation: MEP Zoltán Balczó, Head of Delegation