"Should we let a corrupt scoundrel lead Hungary?

“What was just a strong suspicion before is now a fact: Hungary’s Prime Minister is directly or indirectly involved, together with his family, in a series of corruption and fraud cases causing damage to Hungary and the Hungarian people,” György Szilágyi stated. So Viktor Orbán must resign immediately, Jobbik says.

György Szilágyi, the MP of the most popular opposition party talked about the matter in his Budapest press conference on Wednesday. Referring to the company called Elios Innovative Corporation, he noted that the whole scheme was carried out in an organized, mafia-like manner. As he put it, in any normal country the Prime Minister would immediately submit his resignation after such a serious case and if the husband of the PM’s daughter was under suspicion of organized crime, the father-in-law would never be allowed to stay in office.

Jobbik’s MP says this particular case is even worse as several government members may have been involved in the preparation and implementation while the abuse of public funds took place in Fidesz-related town councils. “Viktor Orbán is ultimately responsible for all this,” Mr Szilágyi asserted.

“That’s not what the people of Hungary gave Viktor Orbán his mandate for,” the MP emphasized, adding that the Prime Minister should resign since the Premier of any normal country would immediately submit his resignation after such a serious case. “Viktor Orbán is ultimately responsible for all this,” he stressed once again. As to what will happen if the PM refuses to resign, the politician said the outcome of the April elections would decide who should govern Hungary: “The corrupt scoundrel Viktor Orbán or clean-handed politician Gábor Vona who will restore law and order in Hungary”. In Mr Szilágyi’s view, the stakes of the elections are: “Should we let a corrupt scoundrel lead Hungary?”

The MP added that Hungary could no longer tolerate “living in a corrupt system built upon fraud, where the government keeps lying to cover up these corrupt activities day after day, smearing its political rivals” and “misleading the people”.


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