Schiffer to promote Wage Union in Europe

After signing his statement of support for the European Citizens’ Initiative for a Wage Union, András Schiffer seems ready to promote the idea in European forums as well.
The former MP and president of Politics Can Be Different Party never refused to support initiatives for a good cause during his term in Parliament. Having returned to his legal practice, he seems to have kept this habit outside the House, too.

Addressing the Plano B I Cimeira Europeia panel in Lisbon on Sunday, Mr Schiffer expressed his view that Europe’s future lied in the implementation of a wage union.
As he puts it, “instead of a Europe of capital, we must create a Europe of the people”.

Instead of its system of “four freedoms”, the EU should consider “people, consumers and nature as its foundations”. To do so, the EU should stop the global wage and regulatory competition and achieve global labour law and environmental regulations instead of the various free trade pacts. Downward wage competition increases exploitation while pressing down worker wages in the central countries. So, in Mr Schiffer’s opinion, “Europe should create an economic climate where Eastern European governments are no longer interested in a downward wage competition”. The wage union seems to be the best solution for that, he notes.

“Today’s Europe has a monetary union but no wage union. The EU is now being torn apart by the wage gap and the emigration wave from the semi-periphery. This is hardly a problem for just Eastern Europe or the semi-periphery: cheap labour puts a downward pressure on wages all over Europe,” the politician posted on his Facebook page.


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