Response to the press conference by Árpád János Potápi

In Jobbik's opinion, the fundamental interest of the Hungarian community living in the Lower Carpathians lies in the achievement of the widest possible consensus in the Hungarian political sphere so that the highest number of Hungarian representatives could be elected to decision-making positions in the upcoming municipal elections in public administration units and Hungarian settlements in the Lower Carpathians.

Therefore Jobbik welcomes the announcement made by Árpád János Potápi on Friday, according to which the state secretary for national policy will work for the restoration of the deteriorated relations between the Hungarian Cultural Association in the Lower Carpathians (HCALC) and the Hungarian Democratic Alliance in Ukraine (HDAU) instead of further intensifying their conflict. Jobbik expresses its satisfaction that the Hungarian government finally realized that its policy, which subdued the issues of survival for Hungarians in neighbouring countries to partisanship in Hungary and divided ethnic Hungarian communities setting them against each other, will not be fruitful in the Lower Carpathians, either. We hope that Fidesz will also initiate dialogues with all other regional Hungarian organizations which had been deprived of the national cooperation which was so often announced but never implemented. 

István Szávay vice president, Jobbik