Register all organizations funded from abroad

Jobbik proposes to record and publish foreign funds received by civil organizations in Hungary. The party says that this measure could limit the influence of various "civil" organizations on Hungarian politics.

The bill of the patriotic party proposes to keep records of any foreign funding over 1 million HUF paid to civil organization - announced Márton Gyöngyösi in his press conference on the 3rd of October 2013. He says the goal is not to punish anybody, but to make funding transparent and prevent foreign influence. 

The bill proposes to publish any sums exceeding 1 million HUF net that are provided by a foreign state, person or organization.

Gyöngyösi explains the need for the bill saying that since the end of the bipolar world order, the West has been applying "soft" measures to increase its influence in the post-Communist regions, i.e. in Central Europe and Central Asia.

The examples of such influence include the so-called "colourful revolutions" in Ukraine, Kirghizia or Georgia, where they attempted to overthrow the legitimate governments by secret service methods, which led to a coup d'état or a civil war situation.  In the post-Communist region, civil organizations funded by unclear foundations provide for the education, training and financing of West-friendly opposition.

The leader of Jobbik's foreign policy cabinet reminded the public of Charles Gati's statement made in 2012 in which he said that "there are democratic, or, if that is impossible, other kind of ways to remove the Hungarian government if it opposes western expectations".

As is known, the Center for American Progress (CAP) Foundation, which is related to Gati, is a partner and sponsor of ex-prime minister Gordon Bajnai's Patriotism and Progress foundation, therefore Bajnai's political role means a significant national security risk for Hungary due to the support received from abroad - he added.

Charles Gati and his man in Hungary: Gordon Bajnai

This risk is further confirmed by the statements of Ms Viviane Reding, the Vice-President of the European Commission made at the meeting of the Bilderberg Group saying that she was working on undermining the legitimacy of the 2014 elections, for which purpose she was conducting discussions with NGOs and Gordon Bajnai, specifically. Gyöngyösi says this makes Bajnai's group a servant of US as well as Brussels' interests, thus posing multiple threats to the sovereignty of our country.

Gyöngyösi reminded that Russia has recently passed a legislation to oblige all NGOs receiving funding from abroad to be registered as foreign agents. There is a similar legislation already in force in Israel, where "non-profit organizations" must report any sums received from a foreign government and exceeding the Shekel amount equivalent to 1.5 million HUF.