Ready For The Primaries!

"2020 is the beginning of the end for the government, but it is the chance of a new beginning for our country. Let’s elect the opposition candidates in 2021. Let’s elect a joint prime ministerial candidate so that we could face Fidesz one on one. We will hold primaries all over Hungary this year. By 23rd October at the latest, the opposition’s joint prime ministerial candidate will be standing on the same stage with the 106 MP candidates so that we could change the government and change an era together. The primaries will allow you, the people to decide who you consider as the best candidate to beat Fidesz and who you find worthy to represent you. I am sure there will a terribly tough competition. There will be fierce debates. But there’s one thing you mustn’t forget. At the end of the day, we need to beat Fidesz and not each other. The primaries must be worthy of the new era announced by the opposition with the key message that we will fill up the war trenches. The primaries must be about the debates between the candidates and the programme of each candidate rather than the competition of the opposition parties. Every competition has its losers. Some get injured. Some don’t even make it to the finish line. Here and now we, the opposition parties have to reach the finish line together, this is the only way to defeat Fidesz. Of course, some of us are stronger while others are weaker. According to the latest polls, Jobbik is the strongest opposition party again. Other polls suggest it’s the Democratic Coalition. All it means to us today however, is that we have a much greater responsibility. We have a much greater responsibility in terms of watching out for the others and taking care of those who are perhaps weaker today. That’s what cooperation is about at the level of parties and individuals, too. We must take care of each other so that all those who mean well for this nation could be winners at the end of the day. That’s the only way for Hungary to win, but if we go this way, we will win indeed. I wish a fair and noble race for everyone who runs in the primaries. If I can do my part in this competition as a prime ministerial candidate, I will do so and accept the challenge. If, at the end of the day, I will have to endorse someone else for the interest of the nation, I will do so." - Péter Jakab, the president of Jobbik

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