Reaction to Viktor Orbán’s speech read out in the EP

Capitalizing on the mistakes and misstatements of the Sargentini report, Viktor Orban could easily read out his pre-written campaign speech, confining the topic to nothing but immigration. The Prime Minister meticulously avoided talking about any factual elements of the report concerning the EU-record-breaking Hungarian corruption, the theoretically independent but in fact government-occupied institutions and the elimination of the freedom of the press.

Contrary to the intents of the initiator, the EP’s debate on the Sargentini report actually constructed a theatre stage for the corrupt Hungarian PM who keeps disintegrating democracy in this country. Viktor Orbán was apparently enjoying every minute of the play in the European Parliament. Jobbik is abstaining from the vote to demonstrate that our party does not wish to participate in this pathetic farce so unfit for its purpose.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary