Reaction to Ukraine PM's visit to Hungary

The two-day visit to Hungary by Ukraine's Prime Minister has ended with the news reports on the event revealing nothing but some diplomatically evasive comments on the matter of Transcarpathian Hungarians. It is highly indicative that this phenomenon was pointed out by a joint communiqué of two Transcarpathian organizations, the Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association and the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Ukraine.

Similarly to the Hungarian government, Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary agrees to the establishment of visa-free travel to Hungary for Ukrainian citizens, and we can wholeheartedly support our neighbour's EU integration as well.

Unlike Fidesz however, we believe that this support may not be provided as a repeated and umpteenth unilateral gesture: Ukraine must make clear commitments in the matter, too.

We find it unacceptable that Ukraine continues to oppress the national minorities living in its territory, including the Transcarpathian Hungarians, and intimidates its citizens who proudly declares themselves Hungarian, Ukraine's president and government fail to fulfill their promises made to the Hungarian community and aim to curb minority rights instead of ensuring them. A sad manifestation of the efforts above is the planned amendment of the education law.

Getting in government in Hungary, Jobbik will strive for the closest possible cooperation with neighbouring states but neighbourly relations and strategic partnership are inconceivable without ensuring the rights of Hungarian ethnic communities.


MP István Szávay, Chairman of Jobbik's National Policy Cabinet