Reaction to the latest absurd allegations by PM Orbán’s lackey media

Indeed, there is a political party in Hungary whose stooge and cashier is a land grabber and a media tycoon at the same time. This person appeared life-size in the Parliament’s session on Monday. The leaders of the said party and the related organizations listed below became key players of the Hungarian political arena funded by George Soros: Viktor Orbán, Tamás Deutsch, József Szájer, Zsolt Németh, István Stumpf, Zoltán Cséfalvay, József Pálinkás, János Áder, László Kövér as well as István Bibó College, Századvég Political College, several local Fidesz branches, Demokrata Magazine, Századvég Publishing and Black Box Foundation. No wonder that PM Orbán’s government, out of gratitude, allocated over 200 million HUF to migration aid organizations from the Refugee, Migration and Integration Fund.

Jobbik Media Service