Reaction to the EU’s infringement procedure

Jobbik’s position is that definitive measures need to be taken by national governments to suppress immigration, so we suggest restoring the special border guard service, for example. The infringement procedure launched on account of the so-called “Stop Soros” legislation is unacceptable since Hungary has not taken any steps that would not comply with the protection of the European Union’s external borders. However, it is important to note that this legislation alone is not suitable for getting migration under control.

Meanwhile, there are issues posing an actual threat to Hungary’s future, such as, primarily, the corrupt use of EU funds and the consequent fine imposed on Hungary. In order to avoid losing significant resources in the next 7-year EU budget cycle, we need to join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, otherwise the negative consequences arising from the application of the Rule of Law mechanism will affect our honest citizens as well as the Hungarian healthcare system, education and social sphere.

Jobbik wishes to protect Hungary from immigration but we equally wish to protect our country and the Hungarian people from the rampant corruption, including the unlawful use of EU funds which negatively affects our taxpayers.


Jobbik MP Tibor Bana, vice-chairman of the Committee on European Affairs, Hungarian National Assembly