Reaction to the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office: The Orbán regime has occupied every state institution in Hungary

Unfortunately, the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office, in which the PO stated that the act of the security guards using physical force and throwing the opposition MPs out of the public TV building was “lawful”, came as no surprise at all. It was also predictable that the PO would order an investigation on the grounds of interference with the functioning of public works. In Jobbik’s view, there has been no independent prosecution service in Hungary for quite a while. The Prosecutor General is a former Fidesz lawmaker who executes political orders, and most of the other state institutions, which are supposed to be independent on paper, are headed by former Fidesz members or other reliable pro-government officials. State institutions and companies, education, healthcare, justice, prosecution, public media – these sectors have partly or often totally occupied by the Orbán regime. We must put an end to this dictatorship, this occupation!


György Szilágyi, Member of Parliament and spokesman, Jobbik