Reaction to János Áder's speech: Fidesz' two-faced climate policy

The world's heads of state and government have arrived in Paris for the UN climate change conference. One of them is President of the Republic János Áder, who represents Hungary in the event. As expected of him, the president made a speech showing great affinity to issues of environmental and climate changes. Plucking at the heartstrings, he talked about an imaginary conversation with his unborn grandchild as to what his generation failed to do in protection of our planet today. Now we can lean back reassured: our government is spearheading the struggle against global warming, sparing no effort to preserve our planet liveable for our grandchildren, too. Wait, NOT.

In reality, there is a huge gap between the Fidesz-delegated president's speeches made in international forums and the acts of the Fidesz government. While Áder keeps campaigning for the drastic reduction of gas emissions causing the climate change, he fails to voice criticism of the Fidesz government's domestic actions that are quite contrary to this agenda. He sees no problem with the taxation on solar panels, he is not bothered by the arbitrary cessation of energy efficiency tenders and neither was he bothered by the gradual deterioration of Hungarian environment protection, including the non-existant wind power plant development projects.

Twenty-five years after the collapse of communism, the only achievement they can present is still the environmental improvement brought about by the disintegration of the communist mass industry. The share of environmental resources keeps being reduced in the national budget, while a significant part of the EU funds earmarked for this purpose leaks through certain channels of corruption.

In Jobbik's view, climate change is an outstandingly important issue in terms of Hungary's future in relation with migration, nutrition and natural disasters, too. Our job is to prepare for the changes here at home, by preserving our waters, decentralizing our energy supply and basing it on renewable sources, reducing our energy consumption and taking several other truly important measures. Empty, flowery speeches at a conference offering dubious results would not take us closer to that goal. We keep following the fundamental guideline of environment protection: think global, act local. We act for Hungary's future here at home.


Lajos Kepli, Jobbik MP, Hungarian National Assembly