Raging racism in the Israeli government – Hungarian media keeps silent

The citizens of Israel, a country often referred to as "the only democracy in the Middle East", cast their ballots in March and elected a government that is a living example of how you can hold utterly intolerable views without any consequences whatsoever.

While certain political groups rush to condemn Hungary for its alleged failure to do its best against xenophobia or homophobia (the criticism often coming from Israel, in fact), several members of the new Israeli government coalition prove to be true masters of hate speech.

We all know how all civil rights activists wag their fingers threateningly if someone in Hungary voices concerns that illegal immigration might actually have some undesired consequences. It's not like that in Israel!

Speaking at a political demonstration in 2012, Likud Party member and Minister of Culture in the new government Miri Regev declared that Sudanese were a cancer in Israel's body. The politician was sharply criticized for her statements, which proves that there are still many benevolent people in Israel, and Regev was forced to correct her words, so she apologized to cancer patients for comparing them to Sudanese. However, nobody is likely to demand international sanctions against Israel and they will not call Likud, which considers itself a centre-right party, an intolerable Nazi organization in the future.

Last year, another politician Ayelet Shaked prompted an even larger media response with her statements to call Palestinian women enemies, and telling mourning Palestinian mothers that they were sending their sons to "hell", along with other Palestinian children whom she simply referred to as "little snakes". This politician's past actions never prevented Benjamin Netanyahu from appointing her as the Minister of Justice. The question is how many national leaders will protest against the new Israeli government for appointing shameless hatemongers into ministerial positions. Although Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan compared Shaked's views to those of Hitler, the international community does not seem to rush and follow the leader of Turkey.

In addition to hating Africans and Palestinians, Israeli government members don't seem to have a particularly high regard for the world's non-Jewish population, either. For example, deputy defence minister Eli Ben Dahan, speaking in a debate on homosexuality, declared that the soul of a Jew is still superior to that of a goy, even if the Jew happens to be attracted to his own sex. Just this one statement by Ben Dahan contains two prejudices for which any European public figure would be decapitated. However, since he is an Israeli politician, he is not criticized even if he is in government. Not surprisingly, Ben Dahan does not particularly like Palestinians, either. As he explained in 2013, he considers them human animals who do not deserve life.

The Hungarian media, which is otherwise highly sensitive and willing to see an intention for genocide in any slip of the tongue, clearly failed to take notice of these utterances at all. They may have been too obvious...