Putin: Paks II Nuclear Plant will be built

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán had a meeting with Vladimir Putin in the Russian president's residence near Moscow on Wednesday. The agenda included such topics as the enhancement of the Paks Nuclear Plant, bilateral economic relations as well as the EU-Russia conflict.

Jobbik welcomes the achievements

"Jobbik is glad to see that there are negotiations going on between Hungary and Russia," stated Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi in his press conference.

"The bilateral discussions covered such energy-related issues as the construction of the Paks Nuclear Plant, which is currently under attack from the EU," Gyöngyösi pointed out, expressing his contentment that Russia had no reservations in terms of the contract and maintained the conditions offered earlier. Emphasizing Jobbik's continued support for the project, he explained that the opposition party only had concerns about the classification of the contract and the fact that such a strategic agreement had been discussed in secret. In Jobbik's view, nuclear energy currently has no viable alternative and he welcomed that an atomic power plant which had been built by Russian technology would now be enhanced by Russian technology as well.

Jobbik also welcomes the negotiations and the confirmation of gas supply contracts since the party believes it is essential for Hungary to consider Russia as a partner due to geopolitical reasons. As Gyöngyösi put it:

"It has become clear by now that the migration issue, terrorism and the critical spots surrounding our continent cannot be managed without Russia.Jobbik was glad to hear Orbán's criticism of the EU's war of sanctions on Russia. Gyöngyösi added that the Hungarian prime minister seems to have been illuminated after over a year and finally realized that sanctions harm each and every EU member state just as well as it harms Russia. The MP reminded the public that Jobbik had been emphasizing ever since the imposition of the sanctions that they would cause huge commercial, economic and financial losses. The party trusts that Orbán will never again endorse the extension of the sanctions in Brussels.

At the end of the press conference, Gyöngyösi expressed his hope that Orbán had a few minutes at the end to ask Putin if Jobbik was funded from Russia and if so, how much money was paid out, so that he could inform the Hungarian public accordingly when he returns home.


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