The provocation against Russia is not in the interests of Hungary and Europe

Just when the secret US-Russia meeting in Finland and the multilateral negotiations in Minsk seemed to have triggered a slow remission in this tension-ridden region and the affected parties have begun a dialogue, the aggressive accusations of NATO may result in increasing distrust and an intensification of the crisis. The North Atlantic alliance has made such absurd allegations that there are around a thousand Russian soldiers fighting in the Ukraine, even though they cannot present credible evidence - wrote Jobbik MP Márton Gyöngyösi in his press release.

He added that the deterioration of Western relations was clearly not in the interests of Russia. Neither does this tension serve the real interests of European countries since the sanctions imposed on Russia and the Eastern state's countermeasures cause significant economic losses for all European countries, including Hungary. The destruction and market loss of companies producing goods for and the industries depending upon the Russian market as well as the enfeeblement of the multi-polar diplomacy of EU countries serve but one interest: that of the United States of America. There is no European country that could profit from a conflict potentially instigated by the USA.

So Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary calls upon the Hungarian government and diplomatic corps to stop serving American interests unconditionally and finally stand for Hungary's and our region's real interests and urge to continue the dialogue that began in Minsk in order to solve the Ukrainian conflict. Jobbik also calls upon the Hungarian political parties, especially the extreme leftist liberal formations to remain passive this time and suspend their activities to serve foreign interests for a while, since all of their recent public statements have been causing irreparable damage for Hungary.