Proclamation of national resistance

We, the members of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary, as patriots dedicated to Christian values and the nation’s cause, turn to our nation with renewed strength and reinforced faith. Throughout the 15-year struggle for saving Hungary, never have we faced such an ignoble opponent as the one today. Having subjugated our country to its rule and standing before us at the peak of its power, this regime refrains from no misdeed at all. It blackmails and threatens hundreds of thousands of people and lulls even more into a false illusion of welfare and safety. Therefore all well-meaning, enthusiastic and courageous members and supporters of Jobbik unanimously declare:

We, the members and supporters of Jobbik refuse to bow our heads to Viktor Orbán, we do not make a deal with him and, unlike others, we do not settle for survival. We resist! We will fight even if we can hardly see a spark of hope. We will oust Viktor Orbán’s authoritarian regime, which is falsely presented as national and cooperative, so that we could create a free, just and safe Hungary.

Hungary is not a free country today! Neither the state nor its citizens are free. The country is a prisoner of external and internal exploiters. Any critic of Viktor Orbán’s regime is ruined by the power through various means.

We fight for freedom! We want a strong country which strives for sovereignty in foreign policy, economy and culture as well. We want a country where local communities can shape their future on their own. We want a country where no loyal citizen has to fear for their family and job on account of expressing their opinions.

Hungary is not a just country today! Laws are made not to promote the interest of the Hungarian people but to protect the Orbán regime. Perpetrators of crimes against human life are not given punishments with a deterrent effect. The state abandons the families in need, the poor but talented youth, the sick, the old, the foreign currency loan holders and the emigrants, too.

We fight for justice! We want a country which takes care of the downtrodden and the needy. We want a country which is served rather than ruled by its elected leaders. We want a country where citizens can advance based on their merits, talent and hard work rather than their loyalty to a political party.

Hungary is not a safe country today! Viktor Orbán’s regime does not guarantee healthy living conditions for all people. On account of the corrupt party-state and its ruthless oligarchs, the property, savings and businesses of citizens are not safe. Many parts of the country are dominated by lawlessness; law enforcement organizations are unable to maintain public security.

We fight for safety! We want a country which protects its citizens from internal dangers as well as illegal immigrants threatening our Christian culture. We want a country where citizens can live a long and healthy life. We want a country where the leaders of the state aim to protect the people’s honestly gained assets rather than to enlarge their own estates.

Our historical responsibility is to democratize our country and build a new, free, just and safe Hungary without forgetting any of the crimes committed in the past thirty years. From now on, Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary is not just the opposition any longer. Jobbik, from now on, is the national resistance striving for democratization and refusing to make any compromise in this fight.