Principles for Hungary’s governance after 2022

Principles for Hungary’s governance after 2022


We, the founders of the democratic opposition alliance, driven by our intent to make 2022 the year of changing an era rather than just changing the government, have united our forces to form a government that serves all Hungarian people. Our alliance aims to restore democracy and the rule of law in Hungary, and to eliminate the autocratic regime. We are convinced, despite our party political differences, that the government must strive for the freedom, security and welfare of all Hungarian people, based on the principle of fairness and without any bias or discrimination.


1. A nation at peace with itself

We believe that the Hungarian nation includes all Hungarian citizens as well as all those who are connected to the rest of the nation by their own choice, culture and native language, regardless where they may live in the world. The national community is based on the respect for the dignity and rights of all people. We consider it the government’s mission and responsibility to bind the nation together, make peace in our society, strive for healing the historical traumas so alive in our society to this day, as well as to serve the Hungarians living abroad, in line with the objectives determined by them.


2. Democracy and the rule of law

We want a republic where the government is controlled by the citizens and not the citizens are controlled by the government. We want rule of law where the power serves the law and not the law serves the power. We want a free country where there is a freedom of the press, expression and thoughts, and where education, art, religion and conscience are free but corruption has no free rein. We want a democracy where citizens shape the country’s future through sensible debates, lively civil and local communities, various forums of political expression and fair, honest and equal elections. In order to keep political authoritarianism at bay, the state needs to institutionalize social dialogue at all possible levels, protect families and the autonomy of local councils as well as our national culture and millennium-long traditions. We will put an end to the rule of oligarchs and nepotism, we will eliminate corruption and create a fair and efficient system of accountability; we are not afraid to join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. We will create a state with law and order where each Hungarian citizen has the same rights and obligations.


3. Future-forward governance

In addition to the immediate interests, the government must also keep the future of the country and the planet in mind. We have realized the significance of the ecological and climate crisis, and understand the responsibility of the present generation being the last to have a control over its own fate; therefore we will put an end to the exploitation of our natural environment. We need a government that makes each and every decision by taking sustainability aspects into account as well. We aim to build an environmentally conscious society where the economy and the organization of our daily lives always consider the criteria of environmental sustainability. We will protect our natural and built heritage, our common treasures as well as domestic and wild animals. We aim to manage the Hungarian demographic crisis and to stop the population decline by providing a realistic opportunity for as many families as possible to have children in a responsible manner. The challenge of migration can only be managed by eliminating its driving factors, including climate disasters and violent conflicts. In that regard, we will rely on a European cooperation but we maintain that immigration-related decisions must continue to be made by national governments exclusively. We will protect our borders and take measures against all forms of illegal migration and human trafficking.


4. Welfare society

We will strive for a society that does not leave the elderly, the sick and the poor behind; where each person is important and each child is a treasure. We will create a fair distribution system where education, culture, healthcare, social services and public assets are equally accessible for everyone. We offer a way out of the healthcare crisis and will provide high-quality care for all Hungarian citizens. We will create a society where there are no privileged individuals and where those who are in a better position contribute to providing more opportunities for the downtrodden. We strive for such a Hungary where workers can make a living on their salaries; where women and men have equal pay and recognition; where senior citizens receive honest pensions; where the state guarantees the minimum criteria for livelihood for everyone; where even the smallest villages have access to basic services; where people can make a living in their homeland: where nobody is forced to leave Hungary due to their lack of prospects for a decent living, and where it is worthwhile to return.


5. Fair economy

Hungary’s greatest national treasure is human knowledge and creativity. The country’s economic development and the prosperity of its citizens must be laid on these foundations. In order to achieve that, we need to guarantee an honest market competition, regulatory measures to control environmentally and socially harmful business practices as well as public services accessible for everyone. We will involve the high society and the big corporations in a fair sharing of the public burdens and we will promote a solidarity-based economy, the democratization of the economy and the involvement of social partners into decision-making processes. Honest work deserves honest wages and a life of honest active career deserves an honest pension: Hungarian wages must get closer to the Western European level. We must put an end to Hungary’s division, and we must promote the faster growth of underprivileged areas and regions. We consider small and medium enterprises just as important strategic partners in creating new jobs and promoting Hungary’s development as the other economic organizations. Labour laws will be amended in such a way that they will always reinforce the security of the weaker party, i.e., the workers; we commit to reinforcing employee rights and eliminating legislations that curb such rights (including the “slave act”.)


6. European Hungary

Ever since the rule of St. Stephen, Hungary has always been drawn towards the West by its historical, cultural and economic ties: we belong to the community of equal European nations. We know that our country can only be successful in a changing world if it forms a part of a European cooperation together with the other nations. However, this does not mean an uncritical compliance: we must be an equal and constructive partner that represents its interests assertively while it is willing to make compromises in shaping Europe’s future, resolving conflicts and contributing to a new European reconciliation. We will provide our citizens with an opportunity for a life based on European values. We will not become “second-class Europeans”: we want European wages, European welfare and European rights for all of our compatriots.


We, the founders of the democratic opposition alliance pledge to strive for a democratic, socially fair, environmentally conscious, climate-smart and cooperative Hungary.


Jobbik - The Hungarian People's Party (Jobbik)

Democratic Coalition (DK)

LMP - Hungary's Green Party (LMP)

MSZP - The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP)

Momentum Movement (Momentum)

Dialogue for Hungary (Párbeszéd)