Press release on condemning the Israeli terror attack in Gaza

Press release on
condemning the Israeli
terror attack in Gaza

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary categorically condemns the air strikes committed by the State of Israel against the Gaza Strip and causing over 50 fatalities so far, and calls upon Israel to cease the brutal aggression against the civilian population.

Ignoring international law, Israel began a series of air strikes this week to take revenge on innocent civilians for its imagined slights. The gravity of the strikes is best shown by the number of fatalities, which is over fifty including children, while the number of the wounded has exceeded four hundred. 

In Jobbik's opinion Israel's reasons for the air strikes are fabricated and intolerable, since the conflict is rooted in the constant violation of law committed by Israel. Opposing international law, Tel-Aviv still refuses to withdraw behind the borders assigned for the country in 1967, and keeps applying disproportionate violence against the civilian population, on the pretext of the Palestinian movements trying to use their modest means to act against the illegitimate invasion of their land.

Jobbik finds it unacceptable that the international community, which is so hyper-sensitive to the violations of human rights in other cases, is now in deep silence and keeps applying double standards to support the Zionist terror state. Jobbik rejects all forms of violence and categorically calls upon Israel to stop the air strikes against the Gaza Strip and return behind the borders assigned for the country by international law. Jobbik also expresses its solidarity and compassion for the Palestinian people fighting for their independence, as well as for the families of the victims.

Márton Gyöngyösi

Deputy Head of Jobbik's Parliamentary Group