Power mania breeds authoritarianism

Having lost any remaining control of its power mania, Fidesz is now talking about potentially banning Jobbik, its strongest political competitor, which would be unheard of in Europe. This time the government party was helped by Center for Fundamental Rights, a  fake NGO similar to taxpayer-funded Civil Union Forum. Like in the darkest days of the Communist regime, Viktor Orbán is now openly using government agencies and authorities (State Audit Office and the Prosecutor’s Office) for his dishonest attacks.

Not even bothering to keep up the pretence of democratic procedures any longer, Fidesz is trying to prevent its more and more imminent election defeat while desperately attempting to keep the disintegrated Socialist Party over the parliamentary threshold. Yesterday we also learnt that the government party refuses to conduct a political debate, except with the fake opposition infiltrated by planted Fidesz agents. Clearly enough, Fidesz keeps its satellite opposition on the lifeline by organizing fake Németh-Molnár debates while employing authoritarian measures to attack its only real challenger, Jobbik and applying show-trial-like procedures unheard of since the 1950s. 

Jobbik is the only party who can successfully block Orbán’s viscerally evil plan, in the 2018 elections at the latest. We promise that we will immediately restore the rule of law in Hungary, create a safe, liveable, fair and free homeland, and we will have thieves and dictators answer for their actions in court. 


Ádám Mirkóczki, spokesman, Jobbik