Poroshenko finally reveals: Ukraine has no place for ethnic minorities

Attending an award ceremony a few days ago, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko declared that Ukrainian will be the sole official state language in Ukraine. According to the president's words also published on his website, the "society has a uniform opinion" about this issue and it was the Ukraine citizens speaking various languages themselves who decided that they wanted their children to study in Ukrainian at school. According to his own account, the president was prompted by the Russian aggression to take this step.

Apart from the fact that President Poroshenko's statements are blatant lies, it is the pinnacle of cynicism to attribute Ukraine's Chauvinistic ethnic minority policy to a conflict that was partly triggered by the restriction of language rights. The announcement does reveal the real intentions of the Western-backed "democratic Ukraine", which is built upon the oppression and deprivation of citizens with non-Ukrainian ethnicity.

The Hungarian community of the Lower Carpathians is yet again a passive endurer of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. In Jobbik's view, each national community has the inalienable right to use their languages freely. Any country curbing these rights must not be regarded as one governed by the rule of law.

Jobbik yet again calls upon the Hungarian government to take a firm stance and support the language rights of the Hungarian community in the Lower Carpathians. Our message to the Kiev government is this: if they find it too much of a burden to respect their citizens with various ethnicities such as Russian, Hungarian, Polish and Romanian, or to ensure their basic human and rights, then let them take the road of independent development. Then, and only then, shall Ukraine be a truly monolingual country.

István Szávay Vice President, Jobbik