Polls: Fidesz is the most rejected party, Jobbik seen as stronger than leftist alliance

30 per cent of eligible voters consider Fidesz as the most hated political party, reveals the poll conducted by Iránytű Institute for daily Magyar Nemzet. In the list of most disliked parties, the runners-up are the Socialist Party (MSZP) and Democratic Coalition (DK) with 14% each, while Jobbik is rejected by 11% of the respondents.

As for Fidesz voters, they reject DK the most (29%), with MSZP in second (26%) and Jobbik in third (16%) place.

The majority of Jobbik voters (52%) dislike Fidesz, 13-13% expressed the same about MSZP and DK, while 69% of MSZP voters reject the government parties and 18% of them indicated Jobbik as the party they dislike the most. 42% of indecisive voters felt antipathy towards Fidesz-KDNP.

In terms of secondary preferences, Politics Can Be Different (LMP) has the best position: if the respondents could not vote for their favourite, 10% per cent of them would cast their ballots for LMP but Jobbik is a close runner-up in this list with 9%.

30% of Fidesz voters would not vote for any other party, 22% of them would go for Jobbik, 12% for LMP and 8% for the Two-Tailed Dog Party. 30% of Jobbik voters would not vote for other parties, 22% would back LMP, 16% would support the government parties, while 11% could not tell what they would do if they could not vote for their favourite. The secondary preferences of Socialist voters are: 31% for DK, 18% for Jobbik, 14% for Together Party, if their first option was unavailable.

52% of all respondents think that Jobbik would have more voters in a general election held next Sunday than the alliance of the left-wing parties.


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