"Politicians should not be treating this age group as ignorant voters"

In mid-September, right at the peak of Fidesz’ artificial pensioner scandal, Jobbik formed its Pensioner Platform. This organization raises the representation of old-age pensioners to a new level within the largest opposition party, which considers senior citizens as real partners rather than the source of collectible votes.

The purpose of Jobbik’s Pensioner Platform is to represent the interests of retirees with an independent advisory body that contributes to the party’s political agenda. Led by Tibor Makai, the platform includes professionals whose goal is to increase the political prestige of senior citizens so that parties could not treat them as ignorant voters and thus shaming them in the public discourse.

Photo: Balázs Béli/Alfahir.hu

In addition, the organization has other overall objectives as well, since being a pensioner not only affects senior citizens but their key social group, i.e., their families, too. For example, they wish to be able to spend time with their grandchildren here in Hungary and bring back those who have already emigrated to Western Europe. Besides, they also want to achieve fair and predictable pensions, a differentiated pension raise, not to mention the issue of medicines, where they think the solution lies in cutting the VAT on medical products and the composition of a special “pensioners’ consumer basket”.

Naturally, they also want to focus on the representation of workers who are still active: they want to enable men to retire after 40 years of service, thus giving them the same right that women already have in Hungary. They would also consider a circumspect restoration of early retirement options. Another goal is to get child raising recognized as a pensionable service.

Tibor Makai, the president of Jobbik’s Pensioner Platform - Photo: Balázs Béli/Alfahir.hu

The platform declares that old-age pensioners need physical and social activities: in this aspect, they identified community building, recreation and the organization of joint programmes as the key areas. The group welcomes retired or still active citizens who accept these guidelines and principles.


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