Polish Tesco workers join Jobbik's Wage Union Initiative

Many people make minimum wage, in Hungary and Poland alike. Just like here in our country, Tesco workers are fighting for higher wages in Poland, too. The Gliwice (city in Southern Poland) leader of Tesco trade unions signed for the European Initiative for a Wage Union.

Talking to Hungarian N1TV in Poland, Trade Union Solidarity 80’s Tesco leader Ewa Manasterska said they were fighting for more equal wages and better work conditions, which were in line with the Wage Union initiative launched by Jobbik.

Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki was in Gliwice as well, talking about how Polish and Hungarian Tesco employees had common problems but more and more people’s eyes were opening up and the European Union would soon need to take notice, too.


Alfahír.hu - Jobbik.com


To sign the initiative, click here!