Poland is aiming for the one million statements of support

The campaign of the European Citizens’ Initiative for a Wage Union has officially been launched in Warsaw. Polish activists believe the one million signatures can be collected from the eight participating countries since Eastern Central European workers typically experience the same treatment due to their low wages. Now fighting side by side to get equal pay for equal work, the progress of the Eastern Central European countries has shown very similar tendencies.

Márton Gyöngyösi, representative of the Citizens’ Committee for the European Wage Union Initiative told that 13 years after our EU accession, what we see is that our most talented youth emigrate from our countries due to their financial insecurity; demographic trends are simply disastrous; there is indebtedness and impoverishment. "We cannot eliminate these problems unless we ally and cooperate with each other, and we join our forces to fight for equal pay and integration within the European Union." stressed Mr Gyöngyösi on the campaign opening.

According to Marek Mnich, president of Solidarity80 Trade Union, there might be some people who are sceptical about this project but the job of the initiators of the citizens' initiative is to convince them that if we don’t take our fate in our own hands, no one else will. He told he believed that this campaign they launched in the past three days would make the people of Poland and the other partner countries realize that this initiative is worth joining. "I am sure that together we will be able to collect the one million statements of support needed for the success of the project.” Mr Mnich added.

“Just like Hungary, Poland has experienced a massive westward emigration wave, perhaps even larger than ours in proportion. As I have learnt the specific figures in the past few days, there are several millions of people who officially make minimum wage in Poland. So it is definitely a pressing problem. However, it is great to see how keen Solidarity80 Trade Union is on the success of this cause.” stated Ádám Mirkóczki, Member of Parliament of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary.

Many people signed and submitted their statement of support for the European Citizens’ Initiative at the kick-off site of the Wage Union campaign.


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