Péter Jakab: When only 1 out of 10 people backs the government’s policies, it should think twice

Alfahír made a brief interview with Péter Jakab in the Parliament’s hallway the day after the by-election in Dunaújváros. As it was reported in the media, Jobbik’s candidate Gergely Kálló, who was also supported by the other opposition parties, won Constituency 4 of Fejér County with 56.29 per cent (10,897 votes), a large margin over independent candidate Tibor Molnár (37.72 per cent; 7,302 votes),who was backed by the government parties. Interview.

You were there in Dunaújváros yesterday when Gergely Kálló was officially announced as the region’s new MP after his sweeping victory over Fidesz-backed Tibor Molnár. What’s your reaction to the events a day later?

Just the same as I reacted in my euphoric mood yesterday. Even though Fidesz used to benefit from low voter turnouts, the opposition demonstrated yesterday that if we can work together efficiently, we can achieve a brutal triumph over Fidesz despite the low turnout. This is a positive sign for 2022. The voters have marked us the right way that we must follow. Running a single opposition candidate is the only successful recipe that could and will work in 2022.

I am especially happy that the opposition MPs and politicians showed a constructive attitude in terms of the campaign. The last 10 years have been about Fidesz’ declarations but it’s over now. Constructive debates are important and useful for development.


Péter Jakab (left) and Gergely Kálló after the victory

What was the feeling among opposition politicians?

It was a joint success and joint work, so we enjoyed the victory together, too. We cry together and we laugh together. It’s particularly good for the country if Hungarian people can celebrate a success together and we have a reason to be happy now. Huge mental blocks have been released, regardless of political affiliations. Remember how many people said before the municipal elections last year that it was just pointless to cast your ballot because Fidesz was unbeatable in any elections? Dunaújváros has just shown that if people act together, they can beat Fidesz three times in a row within less than two years. 

The turnout was surprisingly low yesterday but it was even more notable how few citizens voted for the candidate supported by a governing party that has been reigning for 10 years. Relative to the total population, Tibor Molnár performed barely over 10 per cent. Why do you think that is?

This is the real state of the nation, this is the real national consultation and this is what Viktor Orbán is trying to cover up. Hungarian people have just expressed their opinion of the government's work with brutal honesty. When only 1 out of 10 people supports the government’s policies, it should think twice and consider that things may be going the wrong way and hatemongering or lies are not enough because Hungarian people are not stupid: they see the reality in their wallets. No matter how you paint the sky with your “Hungary does better” slogan, reality kicks in at the cashier’s in the store.


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