Péter Jakab: “Let us succumb to the desire for freedom rather than the virus!”

Since all public celebrations were cancelled due to the coronavirus, Jobbik’s president posted a video on Facebook to commemorate the anniversary of our revolution that started on 15th March, 1848.

He said the mid 19th century saw conservatives and liberals, nobles and serfs fighting together to dismantle the feudal system that was suffocating Hungary at the time. The party president suggested that the task was the same today: “to dismantle the system that supports corruption instead of integrity. Mr Jakab added that the system taxes Hungarian citizens to death, undermines the rule of law and “pushes us into hatred instead of solidarity”.

Sending a message to Viktor Orbán, whom he called the “procurator of hatred”, Jobbik’s president said “we’re wearing neither red vests nor Nazi pants. What we do wear is the three colours of our nation.” (This is a reference to Fidesz’s self-contradictory communication which calls Jobbik Nazi and leftist at the same time – often within the same parliamentary speech.) Mr Jakab emphasized that we are first and foremost Hungarians, regardless which party we belong to. Let us succumb to the desire for freedom rather than the virus. Let freedom sweep across all of Hungary!” the politician concluded his message for the national holiday. 


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