Péter Jakab: Hungary’s most cowardly people are the Fidesz MPs who voted full powers to Orbán

As a guest of ATV’s Straight Talk show, Péter Jakab expressed his opinion on such issues as the government’s arrogance in relation with the indefinite powers act as well as Hungary’s bravest and most cowardly people. According to Jobbik’s president, the kind of attitude demonstrated by Fidesz to squeeze the legislation through the Parliament to grant special powers to Viktor Orbán for an indefinite time, clearly revealed how arrogant the pro-government lawmakers were.

“As usual, I was thumbing through the news on my way to the studio and I saw that Fidesz MP Péter Hoppál was sharing his ideas on how citizens who refrain from voicing their opposition stance may be more successful in finding a job through the employment centres in the future.” Mr Jakab noted that while Fidesz politicians disseminate advice like that, Jobbik keeps getting countless letters from healthcare professionals. Most of them say that even though they have no protective equipment, they still go to work because that is their duty. In a situation like this, it is the bravest thing to do, the president asserted. In contrast, the most cowardly people are the 133 lawmakers who granted unlimited powers to Viktor Orbán.

MP Jakab asserted that Fidesz could have achieved any goals over their 10 years in government. Instead of putting Hungary in order however, they have constantly been looking for supposed enemies, to the point when they stigmatize the opposition as murderers. They are doing this all because we refused to grant lifelong powers to Viktor Orbán. He added that they suggested several compromises to the government in connection with the indefinite powers act, but their proposals were all swept off the table. 


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