Péter Jakab: Hungarian government admits the coming economic crisis but fails to protect the people

Jobbik’s president Péter Jakab was on ATV’s Straight Talk show where he was asked about Viktor Orbán’s 22nd State of the Nation speech, among other things. Mr Jakab said he was not the only one who had a problem with the content of the speech. “The citizens of Dunaújváros also evaluated the state of the nation, and they reacted to what they felt on their skin,” this is how he explained the reasons why Jobbik’s candidate Gergely Kálló won the parliamentary seat in the by-elections last Sunday. According to Mr Jakab, people feel that there’s an impending economic crisis, which the government admits as well. What they experience however, is that the government does nothing to help them in protecting their wallets.

Jobbik’s president also criticized Mr Orbán for failing to address the issue of how you could make ends meet on a 2.8 per cent pension rise when inflation is already over 4 per cent. By delaying the payment of pension bonuses, the government actually takes away HUF 20 billion from pensioners. “Essentially, he expects low-income pensioners to give a HUF 20 bn loan to the Mészáros government,” he noted.

Explaining the term “Mészáros government”, he said Viktor Orbán’s money is held by Lőrinc Mészáros. Talking about the prime minister’s wealth-gain audit (as it was reported earlier, Viktor Orbán indicated absolutely no savings in his Y2020 declaration), he said it had nothing to do with reality. Who do have to face reality are Hungarian workers, he added. He emphasized that his party wanted Hungary to start with a clean slate in 2022.

“We have to wash the dirty laundry of the past so that we could put into prison all those who deserve to be there,” he said. “Workers must be given back the money that was taken from their pockets,” this is how Péter Jakab began his presentation of the bill to exempt below-average earners from paying personal income tax. This would cost HUF 800 billion but it would not throw the budget out of balance: firstly, the government already sets aside HUF 400 billion for tax cuts anyway, although the sum is used for financing spectacular prestige projects and secondly, this move would generate HUF 40-50 thousand of additional income for the affected households, which then would mean some more sales tax revenue for the government. 


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