Péter Jakab: End of the conventional parliamentary politics

Evaluating the situation that occurred after the Parliamentary debate sabotaged by Fidesz-Christian Democrats and the opposition’s joint press conference held on the House’s stairs, Jobbik’s MP and spokesman said it was the end of conventional parliamentary politics. Talking to us, Mr Jakab explained that Fidesz politicians regularly failed to show up in Parliament even though some of them were paid up to HUF 5 million per month, or if they did appear, they broke every rule passing certain bills, including the slavery act.

According to the politician, Fidesz has proven that they form the most cowardly government in Hungary’s history as they are too afraid to look in the eyes of the people and the opposition MPs. Instead, they hide behind George Soros’ back, stigmatizing opposition politicians as well as Hungarian workers and students as Soros hirelings just because they don’t want to live as slaves in their own homeland


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