Péter Jakab: Don’t let Fidesz tell what Szeklers want, let them speak for themselves!

Some people were upset by my interview in Válasz Online, where I said it was legitimate to debate about the forms how ethnic Hungarians could have a say in our domestic political affairs. According to MP Péter Ungár, this puts me on the same platform with the Democratic Coalition.

Well, anyone who questions the legitimacy of such a debate, I suspect, tend to form their political opinions from the solitude of closed clubs rather than from their rallies held all over the country. If you travel in Hungary and listen to the people, you know that this debate is so legitimate that it’s actually going on right now. It’s on in the market, the streets and the pubs, especially before each election. And if the society debates an issue, no politician can avoid it.

Fidesz treats ethnic Hungarians the exact same way as it treats domestic public workers. It tries to keep them financially dependant to make sure that it gets their vote, too. This arrangement doesn’t make ethnic Hungarian lives better. They could live better if Fidesz were willing to fight for autonomy but Viktor Orbán has been unable to do so for years, even though it would be a truly worthy commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the peace treaty signed in Trianon. On the other hand, the election system’s reform is also worthy of a look in the past and the future as well.

At present, ethnic Hungarians can vote for candidate lists set up by parties in Hungary. They typically vote for Fidesz, which seems to suggest that Flórián Farkas, who got into Parliament from Fidesz’ list, knows what Szeklers want. Is that representation? I don’t think so. This just makes Fidesz stronger (as much as people like Flórián Farkas can make anyone stronger) but it doesn’t help the Hungarian communities living across the border. It’s not Fidesz I want to make stronger; I’d rather empower those who live in the territories torn away from us. That’s why I suggest that our brothers and sisters living on the other side of the border should elect their own representative and delegate them to the Hungarian Parliament rather than voting for lists set up by Hungarian parties. Don’t let Fidesz tell what Szeklers want, let them speak for themselves! The Hungarian communities living in the surrounding countries should represent national political togetherness rather than domestic polarization.

Any implications that Jobbik would take away the voting rights from Hungarians living in the surrounding countries are nothing but Fidesz propaganda. Anyone who buys that is, according to Péter Ungár’s logic, on the same platform with Fidesz. I honestly hope it’s not the case.


Péter Jakab