Orwellian nightmare from Brussels

In his press conference on Monday, Dániel Z. Kárpát, the deputy leader of the Jobbik's Parliamentary Group called the migration quota plan an "Orwellian nightmare." In his view, Hungary must not assist in any form to a plan that would enable Europe-bound refugees, who aim to make use of the social security systems, to end up in our country.

He said that the refugees who flee to us are not likely to have 3 college degrees and find jobs easily. On the contrary, they are unskilled individuals who will probably not be employed easily due to their lack of qualifications as well as their cultural incompatibility.

On Wednesday, the European Commission will present its quota system to spread applicants for refugee status more evenly across the European Union member states, taking into account Gross Domestic Product (GDP), population size, unemployment rates as well as the actual number of asylum seekers.

The opposition politician says the news of the planned German and Austrian restrictions prompted a massive influx of immigrants into Europe, carrying most of their family members with them in order to make use of the social benefits. "Most of the illegal immigrants are not really political refugees, many of them come in premium quality clothes and have smart phones." he said. He added that Hungary was the only Schengen state without an independent border guard service,  even though our country had the highest number of refugees per kilometre of border of all EU countries in the first quarter of the year.  He emphasized that the police are supposed to guard the entire length of the border, but they only control migrants at the border control stations. Even though they are supplied with various technical equipment, including infrared cameras for example, they hardly use them or monitor cross-border movement as they have no sufficient personnel, either. Dániel Z. Kárpát noted that Hungary did receive funds from Brussels for this purpose and Jobbik posed questions to the government as to how these funds were used, but "the responses we got were not completely reassuring."
In Jobbik's view, what Europe needs is not a migration quota but an improved border guard service and a tighter control of refugees. To achieve that goal, the party proposes three measures to be taken.

- The independence of the Hungarian border guard service must be restored. Dániel Z. Kárpát says the costs of the government's national consultation with "dumb questions" would be enough to cover it.

- The movement of refugee hostel residents must be restricted. Jobbik believes this measure is necessary due to an increased terrorist threat arising from Hungary's participation in the anti-ISIS war as well as the criminal acts committed by certain refugees in the cities of Debrecen and Balassagyarmat.

- Refugee hostels must not be established in residential areas.

Dániel Z. Kárpát stated, when people, for example Syrian Christians, truly have no choice but to flee their homeland, we must provide assistance. However, we do not need economic immigration.
The politician says economic immigrants are "not bad people", they must not be morally judged just because they want a better life for themselves and their families. He just believes that the Hungarian social security system "simply cannot provide for" so many immigrants. Their "human rights must not be trampled upon", but these people must be turned back to their own lands.
Dániel Z. Kárpát added that the demographic crisis cannot be solved by the reception of refugees and immigrants in the long run. Instead, we must put an end to the negative demographic trends within the Hungarian community by setting the population pyramid right.

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