Orbán’s ally reveals Fidesz’ government programme


Listening to Sándor Demján’s speech on the Day of Entrepreneurs, Jobbik was astounded to hear how one of Hungary’s most influential men and Viktor Orbán’s key ally outlined his expectations from the government, in other words, Fidesz’ likely programme in government in case Viktor Orbán wins the 2018 elections: rejection of the wage union, i.e., the convergence of Eastern European salaries to western ones; a drastic downsizing in the public sector by laying off at least 350 employees, including teachers; and a radical cut of hospitals. To sum up, Mr Demján expects the government to intensify Fidesz’ economic policy, continue to rely on cheap labour and bleed out our healthcare and education systems.  

All this is a clear indication that the elections this spring will have a historic significance: Hungary will either fall into an even steeper decline with Fidesz or choose to rise with Jobbik. The challenger offers a successful European wage union, a promotion of Hungarian small and medium enterprises and the elimination of corruption; measures which will jointly lay down the foundations for Western living standards as well as 21st-century healthcare and education.  

Dániel Z. Kárpát, Jobbik's vice president