Orbán wants to build secret tunnel for himself to access Puskás Arena

“As a classified project, they want to build a secret tunnel for Orbán to access the Puskás Arena, but I won’t let them cover it up. I will release the information to the public. I know the two-thirds majority will take its revenge on me, but I am ready to face any consequences for the truth,” János Stummer posted on his social media page.

The opposition MP said he was ready to take the responsibility for releasing the information classified by the government. As he explained, he had to take this step even though he is likely to face trial in court. According to a document obtained by the MP, the tunnel would cost around HUF 2 billion (nearly € 5.6 million), which “they wanted to classify for many years”, Jobbik’s politician noted. 

Mr Stummer said the project was supposed to be approved by the National Security Committee on its Monday meeting, but he refused to do so. However, the Fidesz-delegated committee members passed the resolution so, as he explained, he had no choice but to release the information to the public.

In his posted video, he also said no explanation had been offered as to why the project was necessary here and now.

We contacted the Prime Minister’s Office for comment, but we were not given any relevant confirmation before the publication of this article. Of course, we will update it as soon as they respond. 


The article is available in Hungarian here: https://alfahir.hu/2021/02/23/alagut_puskas_ferenc_stadion_jobbik_stummer_janos_orban_viktor