Orbán wants no peace and refuses to condemn violence

Orbán wants no peace and refuses to condemn violence – While the whole world worries as Israeli-Palestinian tensions have been reignited over the past months and the European Union was going to issue a joint declaration to condemn all forms of violence and call for an immediate ceasefire, Orbán vetoed the EU’s intention. He was the only one to do so among the 27 EU Member States.

Nobody understands what exactly Fidesz’ problem is with peace and the condemnation of violence. Neither the other EU Member States, nor us here in Jobbik know why they do this.

Perhaps because the criminal Fidesz gang, intent on steamrolling everyone into submission in Hungary, and going out of its way to incite conflicts and hatred everywhere in the world, wants no peace at all? Perhaps because Viktor Orbán is close friends with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu, who is only saved by his immunity from being imprisoned for corruption? Or perhaps because Fidesz spares no effort to destroy and sabotage Europe so that they could more easily push Hungary into the arms of Asian dictators? It’s a mystery.

However, the people of Hungary want nothing to do with Orbán’s and Szíjjártó’s incitement and hatemongering politics! Jobbik agrees with the EU’s position and believes that both Israelis and Palestinians have the right to live in security, freedom and democracy. For that to happen however, we must eliminate the causes of the conflict through political and diplomatic means. We firmly condemn the radical Jihadist Hamas’ attacks on the Israeli civilian population and, while we recognize Israel’s right to self-defence, we believe it’s important that all responses must comply with the criteria of proportionality.

We are convinced that the key to the long-term solution is to revitalize the peace process ensuring peaceful coexistence, in other words, to revive the settlement that started with the Oslo Peace Process in 1993, leading to a “two-state solution” based on the 1967 borders, international law and the earlier pledges of the parties.

In that regard, the EU has its own tasks and responsibilities, too. We must use all means available to stop the decades-long war spiral as well as the extremists who keep igniting it.

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