Orbán Viktor is no statesman, he's just a politician

Jobbik’s wage union initiative aims to eliminate a system error, Gábor Vona said in the Parliament’s Monday plenary session debating the issue of EU wages.

In his speech, Jobbik’s president urged a joint effort in order to close the gap between Hungarian wages and Western European ones. “What we ask you is not to look for how you can’t do it; let’s together find the way how to do it. You might as well have some good ideas,” said Gábor Vona addressing the government parties, adding that “you can’t expect results if you don’t even set a goal. We’ve had enough. We want no more emigration or loan crisis, and we need a wage union to avoid them.”

The party president says their initiative does not aim for tax harmonization across the EU but for eliminating the wage gap between the Eastern Central European countries and the Western member states. The proposal is about a new EU, while pro-government MPs keep looking for excuses and trying to list arguments to explain why it could not be done, he claimed.

“Brussels, the previous Hungarian governments and the present one are all responsible for the wage inequalities,” he stated, emphasizing that the wage gap was the main cause of Hungary’s two greatest tragedies in the past ten years: the foreign currency loan crisis and the emigration of our people.

He added that it was also Western Europe’s interest to solve this problem because if Eastern Central Europe impoverishes, it would be lost for good.

“Viktor Orbán is no statesman, he’s just a politician,” asserted Mr Vona, adding that the Prime Minister did not keep his promises, he wasn’t true to his word.


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