Orbán used to vehemently oppose secrecy and that is exactly what Jobbik is doing now

Another evidence of the EU’s hypocritical decision making is that the Commission approved of the state funding related to the Paks 2 project without raising any objection to the total classification of the Russia-Hungary loan contract involved in the matter. Ever since the beginning, Jobbik has always backed the decisions needed in Parliament for implementing the nuclear plant project. However, we refuse to support the unjustified classification of the contracts because it is a hotbed for corruption. When we get into government, we will declassify these secret documents.

The Orbán government had spent billions of the taxpayers’ money on the project even before it began, with no transparency whatsoever. Hungarian MPs are not allowed to look into the Paks 2 budget while Brussels’ bureaucrats were given an insight without any further ado. How else could they have made their decision to accept the state funding of the project? We cannot tolerate this kind of secrecy in a matter of such magnitude, when billions of the taxpayers’ money are spent. Let us recall  Viktor Orbán’s words from 2008: “They cannot conclude a contract with Russia, they cannot make an agreement and then classify it for ten years. We must know exactly who, how and from where affect our lives and exactly what kind of economic calculations are the basis of our expectations for Hungary to rise or weaken.”

Mr Prime Minister, we do not want any more than that but we insist on that much.

Lajos Kepli, Jobbik MP