Orbán sacrifices Hungarian interests to please EU

In Jobbik's view, Hungary's unconditional support for Ukraine's EU integration is yet another self-destructive compromise made by our government. Instead of bolstering Ukrainian workers, the Hungarian opposition would rather promote the return of Hungarian economic emigrants from Western Europe.

As it was reported earlier, last week's decision by the EU summit ignored the result of the Dutch referendum and allowed for an EU-Ukraine free trade agreement to be passed. Hungary's agriculture may be one of the key victims of the agreement which entails that Ukrainian grains could be imported to Hungary duty free.

The Hungarian government hopes for an influx of Ukrainian guest workers, which could help fill up the professional positions left vacant by an increasingly massive Hungarian emigration wave to Western Europe. It is typical of the Hungarian cabinet's unilateral support that PM Viktor Orbán failed to even raise the problems and needs of the Transcarpathian Hungarian community in his one-on-one meeting with Volodimir Groysman, his Ukrainian counterpart late November.

Yet another slap in the face

After this meeting, Jobbik issued a press release  stating that as long as Ukraine continued to oppress the ethnic minorities living in its territory, including the Transcarpathian Hungarians, Hungary must not give its support in the form of a repeated unilateral gesture.

Talking about the latest developments in this matter, Jobbik MP István Szávay who had issued the press release said it was yet another clear example of how the Hungarian government, under EU pressure, was willing to sacrifice the interests of Hungarians living in the motherland or beyond our borders. Mr Szávay emphasized that since Transcarpathian Hungarians will likely be granted a free Hungarian visa application procedure due to a special Ukraine-Hungary bilateral agreement anyway, this latest step could not be considered as significant progress and is definitely not important enough to justify giving up on the Transcarpathian Hungarian community's right for self-governance.

The president of Jobbik's National Policy Cabinet also said that the unconditional support for Ukraine's EU integration was yet another slap in the face of the Hungarian communities living beyond our borders, just like the recent self-destructive compromise Hungary's government made with Romania and now seemed to  be planning to repeat with Serbia as well.

Hungary no longer simply fails to hold the Ukrainian government accountable for the commitments they made to their ethnic minorities, in fact, we now silently assist the repeated anti-Hungarian measures and even sanctify them by our unconditional support,” the MP referred to Ukraine's latest restriction on the language use of ethnic minorities.

Immigration wave funded by Hungarian taxpayers' money

"Instead of luring Ukrainian workers to Hungary, our government had better conduct an economic policy that does not drive away tens of thousands of experienced professionals and young graduates from Hungary, then it would not be necessary to take artificial measures to fill up vacant positions," said János Bencsik, the vice president of Jobbik's National Policy Cabinet.

Mr Bencsik also emphasized that the legislative amendments passed this autumn were not designed to aid Transcarpathian Hungarians since the government itself  admitted that its goal was to invite Eastern European, especially Ukrainian workers, who don't even speak the country's official language, just like it had been done in the Czech Republic and Poland.

"This plan is nothing short of a settlement of economic immigrants funded by Hungarian taxpayers' money, and it fits quite well with the Hungarian PM's infamous policy of 'Watch what I do, not what I say'," the vice president asserted.

Mr Bencsik called it astounding that while Hungarians working in Western Europe are hindered from  claiming family home establishment benefits, the government freely offers access to the same funds for people who have nothing to do with Hungary. He added that the future Jobbik government will promote the interests of Hungarian citizens who live here or were forced to leave Hungary for economic reasons but wish to return.

As it was reported earlier, Jobbik's president Gábor Vona announced last Friday that Jobbik was going to initiate a European referendum in order to eliminate wage inequalities within the EU.


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